SDGI can provide IDC cabinets, integrated cabinets, outdoor cabinets, mini cabinets, and other types of cabinets, which have good shock resistance and heat dissipation performance, and provide reliable and safe protection for the stable operation of the equipment.

Optic Fiber Distribution Panel

• All modular design. • All operations in the front. • Integrated fiber splicing and distribution. • Suitable for 19" or 23" frames. • Optic fiber distribution panel is suitable for fiber optic ribbon cable as well.

Optic Fiber Distribution Box

A fiber optic distribution box is used to connect trunk cable and distribution cable for indoor and outdoor purposes. Fulfill the introduction and fixing of fiber cable, fiber splicing, distribution, installation and distribution of optical splitter, storage and splicing of drop cable, etc., Each performance meets or exceeds the requirement of YD/T 2150- 2010 standard.

Multimedia Box

Multimedia boxes are widely used in smart homes, smart buildings, building intelligence, smart electrical, and weak current projects. They can uniformly manage weak current signal lines and place small or special equipment. applied to FTTH indoor customer, Wall embedded installation, and achieve the real FTTH.

Optical Cable Cross Connect Cabinet

Common optical cable cross-connect cabinets can provide connection, distribution, and dispatch between main optical cables and distribution optical cables, easy and reliable to use and maintain.

Fiber Optic Distribution Frame

SDGI optical distribution frame with splice and termination integration modules, wide rack structure, always is used in the line sides of the central office and access Bureau, to make a reliable connection and distribution between the outside cables and optical communication equipment.