Down Lead Clamp

Down Lead Clamp is used for fixation of OPGW and ADSS onto the pole /tower. It is suitable for all kinds of cable diameter; the installation is reliable, convenient, and fast. Down Lead Clamp is divided into two basic types: pole used and tower used. Each basic type is divided into electro insulating rubber and metal type. Electro-insulating rubber-type Down Lead Clamp is generally used for ADSS installation, while metal-type Down Lead Clamp is generally used for OPGW installation.

Immobility Clamp

Immobility Clamp is used for fixing or connecting other hardware fittings onto the tower/pole. It is divided into Immobility Clamp for tower and Immobility Clamp for Pole. Immobility Clamp for tower uses metal clamp while Immobility Clamp for Pole uses hoop. A tension Clamp is used for angle tower or terminal tower to provide a suspension point for ADSS cable. Straight Clamp is used on the tangent tower while the hoop is used to fix Preformed Dead-end and Preformed Suspension Set on the pole to provide suspension point on ADSS cable.

Cable Storage Assembly

Cable Storage Assembly is used for the storage of reserved optical fiber cable. It is divided into Inserted type storage and Outside coil type storage, which are generally installed on the strain tower and pole.

Optical Fiber Closure

Optical fiber closure is used for protecting the optical fiber fusion splicing head between two different optical cables; a reserved section of optical fiber will be kept in the closure for maintenance purposes. Optical fiber closure has some excellent performances, such as good sealing property, waterproof, moisture-resistant, and incorrodible after being installed on the electric power line. Optical fiber closure is divided into two types: joint box and Terminal Box, joint box is used for protecting the connection between two optical fiber cables, while Terminal Box is used for a cable terminal or to protect the connection between optical fiber and jumper.

Vibration Damper

Vibration Damper for electric power cable is divided into two types, including spiral vibration damper and 4D vibration damper. It can restrain the Aeolian vibration and wave of the optic fiber cable. Installation quantity, installation site, and installation distance of vibration damper under each span length should be confirmed according to the line circumstance.

Helical Suspension Set

Helical Suspension Set is mainly used for hanging and supporting optical fiber cable on straight pole and tower, to transmit axial load and divert axial pressure which provides good protection for optical cable, to avoid emergencies happen such as too small bending radius or stress concentration. The grip strength of the Suspension Set is larger than the 15% -20% rated tensile strength of the cable, which is fatigue resistance and can serve as vibration reduction.

Helical Tension Set

Helical Tension Set is mainly used in optical cable installation on strain towers, angle towers,s, and dead-end towers. The material of the Helical Tension Set is aluminum-clad steel or galvanized steel wire which has excellent mechanical and electrical performance, to ensure strong electrochemical corrosion and fatigue resistance.

Metal Figure-8 Wedge Anchor Clamp Tension Clamp

Wedge Anchoring Clamp is self-adjusting ,designed to anchor optical fiber cable transmission lines. Wide range of gripping capacities and mechanical resistance achieved by wide product range and different models of ADSS anchor clamp.