Shenzhen SDG Information Co., Ltd. (SDGI)

Shenzhen SDG Information Co., Ltd. (SDGI) is a state-controlled high-tech enterprise listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2000, whose main shareholder is Shenzhen SDG Co., Ltd. - an enterprise directly managed by Shenzhen SASAC.

Based on the field of optical communication, SDGI develops three major business segments of optical fiber and cable, intelligent access, and military informatization, and continuously improves and perfects the service capabilities of systematic solutions. It provides customers with 5G front-haul solutions, smart grid solutions, online monitoring solutions, data center solutions, smart park solutions, intelligent building solutions, high-performance computing solutions, professional measurement, and control hardware integration solutions, and other multi-field professional solutions, and continues to upgrade and transform itself to ICT system integration service provider.

SDGI has established a complete sales and service system in various countries and regions around the world. It has many industrial bases in Southern, Southwestern, Eastern, and Northern China and more than ten wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries.

SDGI has a national-recognized enterprise technology center, academician (expert) workstation, optical chip joint laboratory, fiber optic cable engineering technology research center, and national certified CNAS testing center.

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