Optical Fiber Composite Medium-voltage Cable OPMC

Optical fiber composite medium-voltages cable, referred to as OPMC, is a new type of optical fiber composite cable used for optical fiber communication and optical fiber access in intelligent power distribution networks. It has the functions of ordinary medium voltage cable and communication optical cable. (OPMC)-based metropolitan area distribution network, realizes the integration of the distribution network communication scheme and the Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) communication networking scheme, which fully improves the communication limitations, optimizes the grid structure, and improves The reliability and power supply quality of the urban core area distribution network, and the construction of a metropolitan area distribution network with the characteristics of "safe and reliable, high-quality, high-efficiency, green, low-carbon, and intelligent interaction" provide technical support.

Optical Fiber Composite Low-voltage Cable OPLC

Optical fiber composite insulated power cable for low voltages (OPLC) is a new type of optical fiber composite cable for low-voltage power lines. It has the functions of ordinary low-voltage cables and communication optical cables. The OPLC structure integrates optical fibers. It is integrated with the copper wire of power transmission and distribution and adopts optical fiber composite low-voltage cable with passive optical network (PON) technology to realize fiber to the home. Carrying the information collection service of residential users' electricity consumption of the information intranet, the information extranet "multi-network integration" business that meets the needs of smart grid informatization, automation, and interaction.

All Dielectric Self-supporting (ADSS) Optical Fiber Cable with Enhanced All Dielectric Self Supporting Cable Features

All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable (ADSS) is a kind of nonmetal optical cable made of dielectric material, it can bear the load and directly hang on the power tower, and it is mainly used for communication route in the overhead high voltage transmission systems.

Optical Fiber Composite Ground Wire OPGW

Optical fiber composite ground wire (OPGW), as an advanced communication mode of power system and with unique advantages, has been widely laid in the old and new Lines in the Power grid.